SKU: LP64474



Part of our Prestige Series of detailed collectors. Features include die-cast body with oscillating, die-cast front axle, and die-cast front and rear wheels. Also includes opening hood, clear windows, detailed.....

1/64 4450 with 7200 Planter

SKU: LP77331


1/64 John Deere Prestige Collection 4450 with 7200 Planter Toy Part of our Prestige Collection. 4450 tractor features die-cast construction...

1/16 8R 410 Prestige Collection

SKU: LP70963


All-new tooling and available while supplies last. Features include all-new hood design, cab window and roof design, interior, and rear fenders. Additional features include die-cast body and collector insert. LIMITED.....

1/16 8RX 370 Prestige Collection

SKU: LP77311


John Deere 1:16 Scale 8RX 370 Prestige Collection Tractor    All-new tooling and available while supplies last. Ultra detailed unit includes die-cast body, opening hood, detailed engine, and soft rotating.....

1/32 scale National Farm Toy Museum 2018 Collector Edition 8010 Tractor

SKU: LP69413


National Farm Toy Museum 2018 Collector Edition. Features include die-cast body, hood, wheel inserts, and 3-point hitch. Additional features include experimental green wheel hubs, dash, and 3-point hitch gauge. "2018.....

1/16 8400R Year of the Tractor

SKU: LP69893


Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of John Deere tractor production. Includes all the features of TOMY's Prestige Collection along with commemorative rear window decal and ICON badge. One-time, limited production......

1/16 4020 with Loader Prestige Collection Tractor

SKU: LP71706


Early 4020, open station with die cast 48 loader. Tractor features die cast construction, diesel engine, narrow front axle, flat top fenders, short exhaust stack, and movable 3-point hitch. Age.....

1/64 X9 1100 Combine Prestige Collection

SKU: LP77351


Features include die-cast body, clear windows, dual front wheels, and detailed interior. The feeder housing raises and lowers. Rotating unloading auger and pivoting ladder. Includes folding C16F corn head and.....

1/16 Die-cast S780 Combine Prestige Collection (One-Time Production)



For the very first time, ERTL is offering a 1:16 modern die-cast combine! But wait, we are enhancing the collectibility! After we finish the production, the tooling will be destroyed. .....

1/16 4320 Precision Elite #5

SKU: LP64435


John Deere 1/16 4320 Precision Elite #5 in our Elite Collector Series. Features include: removable side panels, right side console with pivoting hydraulic, gearshift, PTO, and throttle lever. Additional features.....

1/50 50th Anniversary 310L Gold Backhoe Loader

SKU: LP77349


Special Edition; one-time production to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of John Deere backhoe loader production. Features include special gold-chrome plating, updated graphics, detailed interior, movable loader arms, bucket, stabilizers and.....

1/64 768L-II Bogie Skidder

SKU: LP77268


This Prestige Collection LP77268 1:50 Scale John Deere 768L-II Bogie Skidder from Ertl is a highly detailed, die-cast metal replica of the original. Features include a working log grapple, a.....