Chisels, Cold Flat- 3/8-in. (10 mm)-7/8-in.(22mm)

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·        Use for rough-cutting cold metal when other tools are unsuitable

·        Chips away waste material from solid stock prior to filing – cuts through ground stock such as chain link, cuts sheet or plate metal, and cuts off rivets and bolt heads

·        Forged from the finest, alloy tool steel – absorbs blows and translate them into smooth strokes

·        Cutting edge is ground on both sides to an angle of 60 degrees and is slightly curved across its width – allows center portion to absorb the greatest shock, protecting corners from chipping

·        Heat-treated for maximum strength

·        Differential tempering produces a softer striking end and tougher working tip for longer life

·        Chamfered head reduces burring from continuous hammering

·        Natural finish