STIHL SE 122 Electric Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30 L Canister

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Powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner. With speed control and soft start. With filter cleaning function, quick-release coupling, swivel wheels with locking brake and all-purpose universal nozzle. Multiple filter system and 3 metre stainless steel suction tube.

Technical specifications Value
Maximum vacuum pressure 250 mbar
Suction flow 3.700 l/min
Mains voltage 230/1-/50 V/Hz
Max. power consumption 1.500 W
Weight 1) 47 lbs.
Sound pressure level 2) 65,1 dB(A)
Suction hose length 3 m
Hose diameter 36 mm
Container volume 30 l
Suction volume 3.600 l/min